Wooden Bunk Beds

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Wooden Bunk Beds: Affordable yet Stylish

Wooden bunk beds are the solution to those that have a very small space in their bedrooms. So if you are someone who owns lots of stuff, but do not have enough space in your room to accommodate all of them, you should consider getting a bunk bed.

Bunk Beds in Your Kid’s Bedroom

Having bunk beds in your kid’s bedrooms is also a great idea as it allows your kids to share the bedroom with each other. There are various types of bunk beds that are suitable for kids, but if you want something that guarantees the safety of your kids, then you should opt for wooden bunk beds. They are generally safer since they do not have any metal or weld cracking which can be harmful to the kids. The wooden finish also allows the bed to complement with the overall theme of your kid’s room, regardless of the type of furniture and furnishings that are in their bedroom.

Various types of bunk beds that are made of wood are now being sold all over the Internet, and you should find the ones that are made of a durable and sturdy material with exquisite finish. Each and every design should be carefully planned in order to accommodate the different needs of the family members.

Common Types of Wooden Bunk Beds

Below is a list of the most common types of bunk beds that are made of wood.

  • Full Over Full Design

This type of bunk bed is in is made up of two full sized beds, one bed is above while the other is below, and are arranged in bunk type. This is the perfect choice for those that have elder kids at home and this is a great bed for your teens too.

  • Twin Over Twin Design

The bed is made of two twin sized beds, and one is above while the other bed is below and they are also arranged in bunk style. This is the perfect bunk bed to buy if you have kids that are of the same age group and body size, and is recommended for ages seven to ten years old.

  • Twin Over Full Design

These wooden bunk beds allow kids of different age groups and body size to share one bunk bed in a bedroom. This also allows your kids to have a bed space that is just perfect for them.

Other Options

Aside from these three common types of bunk beds, there are several other variations that you can find online. Some of them even come with shelves, drawers and storage spaces, allowing your kids to store their toys and books. They can even hang posters on the bed if they want and there are some bunk beds that are equipped with a study table below. You can have your kids choose the design that they want, by showing them some catalogs which you can find online. All the designs of bunk beds allow your kids to have a much bigger space for them to play around in their bedroom.

Of course, you should put your kids’ safety into consideration. When shopping for wooden bunk beds, make sure that you look for something that will not put your child’s safety at risk.

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