Reclaimed Wood Furniture

How to Maintain Reclaimed Wood Furniture

It is every buyer’s concern in purchasing reclaimed wood furniture if they are in the right capacity to maintain the quality and the well preserved look it has that has already stood the test of time. In  fact, most potential buyers may be daunted to buy because they might be able to tarnish that timeless and classic feel of the furniture which makes it all the more special. A lot of people don’t want to take on the challenge.

However, there is a great pride and advantage in purchasing this furniture as it gives a unique feel to your home. In fact, it can even provide you with the best complementary furniture that still looks great with other interior furnishings you may have in your house.

The great news is that you can still preserve the quality and beauty of your reclaimed wood furniture by just following these guidelines.

For Prevention Measures


  • Water Stains


Now you know why most homeowner mothers would freak out when water is being spilt on the finest wood furniture in the living room. Reclaimed wood furniture may tarnish its quality from water stains. In order to avoid this, immediately use a wet cloth to clean off the surface of the furniture where the water stain has been spilt. Afterwards, use a dry cloth to finish it off.


  • Direct Sunlight


Direct sunlight might affect the wood quality of the furniture by creating a change in its color from the original soft honey brown to a bland gray color. This will make your furniture look bad. It is then suggested to just put blinds or curtains so as to minimize sun exposure.


  • Humidity

It is ideal to maintain a temperate and stable environment thus a cool and a fairly humid condition works best with for the preserved quality of the reclaimed furniture. Thus, it should be kept at a safe distance from direct heat sources.

For Maintenance Measures


  • Regular Dusting


When dusting, you can use a soft cloth because other types of cloth may scratch the furniture. More importantly, when cleaning, make sure that the dirt should be completely removed from the surface and not just being moved around on the surface of the reclaimed wood furniture.


  • Finishing


Ideally, you can make finishing out of the said wood surface so that it can be well protected from any possible future liquid and food spills.


Despite the durability and the long lasting life of reclaimed wood furniture, it is still crucial to keep it at its best condition so as not to tarnish the elegant and timeless beauty of such furniture. It should be noted that is can be vulnerable to severe grease stains, or having bad rings and watermarks that may degrade the quality of the furniture. Thus, when buying, you have to make sure that you are able to preserve and uphold the quality and integrity of the wood furniture. After all, you have to make sure that its condition should still be untarnished if you decide to hand it down to your children.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture